R & D Center

R & D Center

The R & D center is an important unit for achieving high standards and innovative work. R & D and systematic project management is of utmost importance in order to make the national economy competitive through international R & D and innovation. R & D centers should be established at a time when innovative ideas are needed and new ideas should be developed.

In 2018, LUBRATECH has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology with R & D center certificate. Our center was established to develop innovative products, to identify market needs and expectations and to turn them into scientific results with benefits, costs and performance improvements.

In principle, the model of working with the customer of our company is a form of benefit-oriented sales. At this point, the definition of benefit for our company; Of our customers' production process, by examining in Lubratech knowledgeable and experienced staff it is to determine the correct result of the economic value-added products.

Our R & D Center in each of our projects are developed in the project management cycle of production until completion of the birth of the idea. Thus resources are used more effectively, there is provided improvement in the overall quality can be administered fast reaction against risks and opportunities.

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