Technical Support Policy

Technical Support Policy

We classify Our Customer Focused Technical Services as our Presales and After-sales services.

Presales Services:

  • Your production process is inspected on site by our experienced sales engineers and staff.
  • Samples are taken in order to determine current performance problems under the necessary conditions.
  • Free sample analysis is used to determine the exact problem.
  • By making the right product suggestion, a customer-oriented suggestion including price, performance and efficiency is given.
  • If necessary, reasonable amounts of consignment products are supplied by our company.

After-Sales Services:

  • The performances of the products sold by us are kept under control by our expert staff with systematically collected samples and/or on-site analyses.
  • All sample measurements and on-site analyses are performed by our expert staff, free of charge.
  • In line with your demands, by taking into consideration of the needs of your staff, seminars can be organized by expert trainers on industrial oil and lubrication processes.


Our policy;  Inside of the all excellent organizations, there is the complete planning and perfect service.
We, as Lubratech Team, plan every detail in our sales and after-sales service activities that we combine with our professional service approach, and aim to ensure that everything is perfect with our customer-oriented service approach.